How does it work

Our parking service

Reserve your place

The easiest and fastest way to start enjoying the advantages and services of Easyparking Barajas is to use our online reservation system . We will send you an email to confirm your parking reservation.

Come to our car park

Once you have made your reservation by email, you can go to our car park on the selected date and time. We are close to the Madrid airport. If you need help finding us, we put this map at your disposal.

park your vehicle
(Take the keys)

The procedure is easy, once you arrive at our car park, call us 20 minutes beforehand to have everything ready to receive you. A collaborator will give you the check-in (confirmation via email).

We take you to the airport

Once you have checked-in, you only have to wait for the arrival of our shuttle (transfer) in which you will be transported to the Madrid-Barajas airport for free. Transportation to the airport takes a few minutes.

carefree travel

While you travel, your vehicle is in the care of our workers and will remain under surveillance through closed-circuit video surveillance , 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us and we pick you up

At the end of your trip and after having collected your luggage at Barajas Airport, contact us through our telephone number . Then we'll go pick it up.

Go to the meeting point

Exit through the departures terminal and go to the meeting point that will be provided by phone when you call us to pick you up (this varies depending on the terminals and their congestion). We always operate in the Departures terminal (Departures/Arrivals).

we bring you back

Our shuttle service (transfer) will take you back to the Easyparking Barajas car park for free , so you can check-out and pick up your vehicle.